Thailand High Quality Seeds
How to grow High quality watermelon 
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  Super Green Bull
Super Green BullAttractive high elongated shape with strong rind, excellent flesh quality, fruit we...
  Green Bull 84
Green Bull 84Vigorous variety produce elongate fruit. dark green rind with stripes. 4-7 weigh...
  Kra Thing 222
Kra Thing 222The feature is oblong shape, dark green rind with dark stripes, fruit sweetness and cr...
  King 462
King 462Fruit weight 6-8 kg. maturity 60-66 DAS. Yield 30-35 Ton/Ha
  King Taison 0540
King Taison 0540Vigorous variety produce elongate fruit, dark green rind with strips. 4-7 wei...
  King 02
King 02Fruit weight 4-6 kg. maturity 60-65 DAS
  Thong Thong 999
Thong Thong 999Fruit weight 3-3 kg. maturity 60-65 DAS. sugar content 12-14 brix
  Jumbo Jet
Elongated shape with thin rind, excellent texture, fruit weight 7-9 kg. maturity 65-70 days after s...
  Green Tiger 51
Vigoroud plant. Oblong, 5-7 weight. Crispy Red flesh.Long shelf life.Maturity 55-60 days afte...
  Queen Nữ hoàng
Green Bull Seed Crimson sweet type produce 5-7 kg. oblong fruit,  sugar content 12-13 bri...
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