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   How to cucumber
How to grow Cucumber
Method of Plant and Take care
          Soil prepare : Plough soil to sun about 7-15 days. Should cover farmyard manure 6-12 ton/Ha and support under grave by fertilizer 15-15-15 ratio 6-12 ton/ha and cover land pot by plastic to control soil humidity and decrease insect.
          Planting : Should planting by use trellises and  at least plant distance about 50-70 cm.X1 m. Drop 1-2 seeds/ grave ( 1 plant/ grave is the best).
          Do not plant closed effect to low productive because nutrient not enough.

Harvesting : maturity occurs  35 days after sowing but late in rainy and winter.
          Disease and insect : Cucumber of Advance brand is tolerance to disease, but find Downy mildew symptom use chemical example Mancozeb, Carbendazim, Curset M-8 or Rhidomil MZ.
Insect : Thrips use Carbosulfan, Pronyl, Dicarzol or Abamactin  select one of them. Not use chemical continue over 2 time effect to resist drug action.
Suggestion : Main factor to plant cucumber for achievement are
1.     To enough soil fertilizer because soil had loss nutrient when harvesting.
2.     To water always because the most content of cucumber plant is water.
3.     Leaf fertilizer and micro nutrient. Should use always to support cucumber plant.
4.     Protection of disease and insect. Should spray before disease spread out.