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How to grow High quality Watermelon 
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 Watermelon Seed
watermelon seeds “Green Bull 84”
watermelon seeds “Green Bull 84”Vigorous variety produce elongate fruit. dark green rind with stripes. 4-7 weight. 2-3 fruit/plant. sweet and crispy red flesh. excellent shipping quality. maturi...
watermelon seeds “Green Bull 88”
watermelon seeds “Green Bull 88”Vigorous variety produce elongate fruit. dark green rind with stripes. 4-7 weight. 2 fruit/plant. sweet and crispy red flesh. excellent shipping quality. maturity...
Watermelon Seeds “KRA THING 222”
Watermelon Seeds “KRA THING 222”The feature is oblong shape, dark green rind with stripes fruits. sweetness and crisp, weight is 4-6 kg. maturity 60-65 days after sowing.
Watermelon Seeds “King Taison 0540”
Watermelon Seeds “King Taison 0540”Vigorous variety produce elongate fruit, dark green rind with strips. 4-7 weight. 2-3 fruit per plant. sweet and crispy red flesh. excellent shipping quality. ...
Watermelon Seeds “Queen Nu Hoang”
Watermelon Seeds “Queen Nu Hoang”Crimson sweet type produce 5-7 kg. oblong fruit,  sugar content 12-13 brix, good shipper,  first harvest 55-60 days after sowing
Watermelon Seeds “Nu Hoang Thai 470”
Watermelon Seeds “Nu Hoang Thai 470”Crimson oval type produce 5-7 kg, sugar content 14 brix, first harvest 55-60 days after sowing
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Cucumber Seed
cucumber seeds “Seven 99”
cucumber seeds “Seven 99”Bearing and prolific variety with vigorous plant, dark green shoulder and dark  green, thick and tasty flesh, length 18-20 cm. maturity 35-38 DAS
cucumber seeds “Seven 999”
cucumber seeds “Seven 999”Bearing and prolific variety with vigorous plant, dark green shoulder and light green, thick and tasty flesh, length 18-20 cm. maturity 35-38 DAS
cucumber seeds “Bull 777”
cucumber seeds “Bull 777”Dark green fruit, numorous branching, torelance to disease, 19-22 cm. in length, maturity 35-37 DAYS.
cucumber seeds “PREMIUM”
cucumber seeds “PREMIUM”Dark green fruit, lenght 19-21 cm. numorous branching, torelance to disease, maturity 35-37 DAYS.
Cucumber Seeds  'HAPPY 380"
Cucumber Seeds  'HAPPY 380"high yield with high percentage of marketable fruits, tolerance to disease, fruit length 19-21 cm. maturity 37-38 DAYS
Cucumber Seeds  'HAPPY 737"
Cucumber Seeds  'HAPPY 737"vigorous plant, high marketable fruits, long shelf life, fruit length 20-22 cm. maturity 36-38 DAYS
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 Chilli  Seed
chilli seeds “NEO HOT 090”
chilli seeds “NEO HOT 090”Fruit Lenght 7-9 cm. maturity 65-80 DAY, Well adapted variety, upright prolific fruit setting on vigorous and good form plant,
chilli seeds “GREEN BULL 111”
chilli seeds “GREEN BULL 111”Well adapted variety, upright prolific fruit setting on vigorous and good form plant, Fruit Lenght 9-10 cm. maturity 70-80 DAY,
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 Cantaloupe Seed
Cantaloupe Seeds “GOLD GOLD 456”
Cantaloupe Seeds “GOLD GOLD 456”Golden skin with aromatic, golden crispy flesh, 15 - 17 Brix fruit weight 1.5 - 2.0 kg maturity 58-62 DAY
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    Egg plant seed
Eggplant seed “Wire Less”ylindical shape with glossy deep purple color. Large shoulder with green c...
Eggplant seed “Wire Less”
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    Marigold seed
 Marigold Seed "PhuPhanThong" Compact plant habit suitable for pot plant and can use for ...
hạt giống hoa vạn thọ “Phu Phan Thong”
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